Count on Duraflow for products and solutions that cover every aspect of your industrial wastewater application, whether it's compliance treatment, water recycle or water reuse. Duraflow provides tailored tubular membrane filters and a variety of specialty treatment chemicals for new installations or fully integrated solutions as part of a retrofit, expansion or upgrade. Our experienced and expert services provide support to current clients and to those converting from other competing technologies. Today, our continuing investment in new and innovative membrane products keeps Duraflow at the leading edge. We can supply the right tubular membrane products to deliver quality, value, and reliability to meet your specific needs.

Membrane Modules

Duraflow membranes are manufactured in a tubular configuration capable of handling high solid concentration. The membranes, made of PVDF, are cast on the surface of 1" (2.54 cm) diameter porous polymeric tubes to produce a nominal pore size of 0.1 micron. The extraordinary chemical resistant property of PVDF allows the use of a wide range of chemicals – acids, bases and oxidizers for cleaning of the persistent fouling substances.
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To complement the tubular membrane products, Duraflow distributors offer end-user customers a variety of specialty treatment chemicals for wastewater compliance and water recycle.
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Cost-effective wastewater discharge compliance and water recycle takes more than great products. It also requires great service – industry-leading expertise and experience applied directly to a problem when and where the customer needs it.
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