Duraflow’s Tubular Membrane Application
Bulletin “Semiconductor”

This bulletin describes the use of Duraflow Tubular Membranes for treating various sources of wastewaters generated during the manufacturing of semiconductors. The bulletin documents the challenges facing the electronics manufacturing industries that use fluorides for etching, heavy metals for CMP processes, dicing and grinding processes and provides a list of semiconductor applications that have been treated and separated with the Durafow Tubular Membrane product including pretreatment of ground water prior to reverse osmosis as well as RO brine recovery.

Since every semiconductor manufacturing facility that uses silicon, arsenic, or gallium has different manufacturing processes, Duraflow has developed a standard procedure for approaching each customer location. This procedure uses waste compatibility segregation, process development to meet the customer's objectives, membrane microfiltration total system engineering design, and detailed analysis of the possibility for recycling this treated Duraflow filtrate.

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