Cationic Coagulant (Inorganic)

DF-770 is an aqueous solution of inorganic cationic coagulant, effective for increasing the particle size of precipitated metal compounds typically produced in industrial wastewater treatment processes.

DF-770 is recommended as a treatment chemical for effluents where the metals have been precipitated by hydroxide, sulfide, dithiocarbamates (DF-610, DF-640, and DF-657), ferrous sulfate, and sodium borohydride. The product further enhances settling rates when used in combination with anionic polymer. It is suitable for use in continuous flowing processes that employ gravity clarification or membrane microfiltration or to enhance the settling and filtration in batch treatment of concentrates.


Depending on the specific application, the optimum concentration of DF-770 to achieve rapid settling and superb liquid clarity, is determined by jar testing. The concentration of the various wastewater contaminants, such as suspended solids, total dissolved solids, COD, BOD, and oil and grease, all have an impact on the optimum DF-770 dosage. DF-770 is effective over a wide pH range (4.0 to 11.0).

Addition of DF-770 is controlled by volumetric feed, proportional to the wastewater feed rate. DF-770 can be added prior to, during, or after the metal precipitation step. The optimum addition location is a function of the waste composition and the equipment available to perform the precipitation.

When used in a gravity settling system, DF-770 is usually used in combination with a high molecular weight anionic polymer, which is added in a subsequent reaction tank after the DF-770.

Addition of anionic polymer is not recommended when used in combination with membrane microfiltration.

Laboratory evaluation is recommended to determine the optimum conditions for use of the DF-770. Duraflow will provide onsite technical support to assist with the treatability study.

  • Increases size of precipitated particles in wastewater treatment
  • Further enhances settling rates in combination with anionic polymer
  • Achieves superb liquid clarity

Physical Data (Typical)
Appearance: Clear liquid
Density: 10 lbs./gal
pH: 2-5
Solubility in water: Complete
Freeze point: -13°F
Viscosity: <100 cps @ 72°F
Stability: Stable under normal conditions
Specific gravity (H2O = 1): 1.19

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