Model DF-675

Heavy Metal Precipitant

DF-675 is an aqueous solution of metal precipitant, effective for the precipitation of heavy metal compounds typically found in industrial wastewater.

DF-675 is particularly effective when the metals are complexed with chelating agents that inhibit the formation of metal hydroxides. DF-675 is also effective where there is a significant concentration of oils, greases, lubricating fluids, soaps and detergents.

Use DF-675 in combination with cationic polymer to further enhance settling rates. It can be used with clarification or membrane microfiltration as well as to improve settling or filtration in batch treatment of concentrates.


Depending on the specific application, the optimum concentration of DF-675 to achieve complete metal removal, rapid settling and superb liquid clarity is determined by jar testing. The concentration of the various wastewater contaminants, such as metal concentration, chelate concentration, suspended solids, total dissolved salt, COD, BOD, and oil and grease, all affect the optimum DF-675 dosage. DF-675 is effective over a wide pH range (4.0 to 10.0).

Addition of DF-675 is controlled by volumetric feed, proportional to the wastewater feed rate. DF-675 can be added prior to, during, or after the pH adjustment step. The optimum addition location depends on the waste composition and the equipment available to perform the precipitation.

When used in a gravity settling system, DF-675 is usually used in combination with a high molecular weight cationic polymer, which is added in a later reaction tank after the DF-675.

Laboratory evaluation is recommended to determine the optimum conditions for use of the DF-675. Duraflow LLC will provide on site technical support to assist with the Treatability study.

DF-675 has also been demonstrated to remove trace quantities of Antimony, Arsenic, Molybdenum, Selenium, and Vanadium. Sometimes it can be used for co-precipitation with copper, nickel, zinc, silver, and lead.

  • Highly effective for precipitation of heavy metal compounds
  • Highly effective when chelating agents inhibit formation of metal hydroxides
  • Increases settling rates when used in combination with cationic polymers
  • Achieves complete metal removal, rapid settling and superb liquid clarity
  • Effective over a wide pH range (4.0 to 10.0).

Physical Data (Typical)
Appearance: Brown liquid
Density: 9.6 lbs/gal
Specific gravity (H2O = 1: 1.45
pH: 1.5
Solubility in water: Complete
Flash point: Not applicabe
Stability: Stable under normal conditions

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