Heavy Metal Precipitant

DF-665 is a patented inorganic liquid containing thio reaction products that can be used over a wide pH range to remove toxic heavy metals from wastewater and groundwater.

DF-665 is used to precipitate heavy metals from wastewater and groundwater to trace levels. DF-665 is especially suited for satisfying difficult regulatory limits and reducing disposal costs.

  • Low Trace Concentrations: DF-665 will precipitate heavy metals to trace levels lower than is achievable with other chemical treatment systems. In most cases, metal concentrations are reduced to parts per billion.
  • Low Toxicity: DF-665 is 200 times less toxic than organic sulfur compounds (carbamates) and therefore less hazardous to employees and the environment (LD 50-Daphnia Magna: 370 mg/l).
  • Cost Effective: DF-665 is competitively priced with other specialty precipitation chemicals. Moreover, low dosage rates often result in significant cost savings to the user. Chemical precipitation is significantly less costly than demineralization, ulrafiltration, or reverse osmosis technologies.
  • Wide pH Range: DF-665 can be used over a wide pH range making it useful in many different operating conditions.
  • Low Hydrogen Sulfide Generation: Sulfur compounds can generate hydrogen sulfide in acid pH conditions. DF-665 is specially formulated to prevent hydrogen sulfide emissions from exceeding allowable limits.
  • Mixed Wastes: DF-665 is effective in precipitating heavy metals in the presence of chelating agents, surfactants, and neutral salts. Combinations of heavy metals can be precipitated simultaneously.
  • Low Leachability: Metal sulfide precipitates will generally pass the TCLP test. Therefore many wastes can be classified as nonhazardous and disposed in Subtitle D landfills.
  • High Filterability: DF-665 produces a dense precipitate that is easy to filter and dewater. This reduces disposal and operating costs.
  • Sludge Reduction: When DF-665 is used to precipitate heavy metals before neutralization, the quantity of toxic sludges is greatly reduced and suitable for recycling by re-smelting.
  • Pollution Removal: DF-665 is capable of polishing organic and inorganic pollutants from wastewater. This includes mineral oils and paraffins.
  • Low Equipment Cost: Only minimal additional equipment and modifications to existing equipment are needed to use DF-665 in existing wastewater treatment systems.
  • Electroplating Wastewater
  • Battery Plant Wastewater
  • Contaminated Groundwater
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Ash Leachate
  • Metal Finishing Wastewater
  • Refinery Wastewater
  • Acid Mining Wastewater
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Shipyard Wastewater

Physical Data (Typical)
Appearance: Yellow-green to amber liquid
Density: 1.125
pH: 11.35
Odor: Ammonia
Solubility in water: Complete
Vapor pressure: 20.8mbar @ 20°C
Freeze point: -5.5°C
FBoiling point: 103°C

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