Heavy Metal Precipitant With Coagulant

DF-610 is a proprietary blend of an aqueous solution of sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate ((CH3)2NCS2Na) and cationic coagulant.

It is effective in precipitating low concentrations of metal ions from industrial aqueous effluents.

DF-610 is recommended as a treatment chemical for effluents containing 1 to 500 ppm total metal ions. It should also be considered for batch treatment of concentrates with any metal concentration.

Depending on the specific application, DF-610 can remove the metals to below 0.1 ppm. DF-610 is extremely effective in precipitating copper even in solutions containing complexed or chelated copper. It is also effective on other metals including cadmium, chromium (+3), gold, iron, magnesium, mercury, nickel, silver and zinc. DF-610 is not effective for removal of aluminum, chrome(+6) and molybdenum.

The precipitation reaction is: 2[(CH3)2NCS2-Na+]+ M+2 ------> 2[(CH3)2NCS2-]M+2 + 2Na+


The amount of DF-610 that is needed varies for each metal and each waste stream. For solutions containing mixed metals, the DF-610 dosage must be added for each metal. DF-610 is effective over a wide pH range (4.0 to 11.0). Laboratory evaluation is recommended to determine the optimum condition for the use of the DF-610. Duraflow will gladly provide onsite technical support to assist with the treatability study.

  • Precipitates low concentration of metal ions
  • Highly effective in precipitating copper

Physical Data (Typical)
Appearance: Yellow-green to amber liquid
Density: 9.8 lbs/gal
pH: 13.0
Solubility in water: Complete
Vapor pressure: 13 mm Hg @ 25C
Freeze point: 20°F
Flash point: > 200F
Viscosity: 23 cps @ 72°F
Stability: Stable under normal conditions

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