Durasoft – Advanced Process for Hardness Removal and Water Recycling

TEWKSBURY, MA, – October 31, 2019 – DuraSoft is a unique and proven wastewater recycling process that combines the Duraflow crossflow tubular membrane technology and chemical softening to produce high-quality permeate as a frontline pre-treatment to protect and optimize the desalination system operation downstream. Typical desalination equipment may comprise a combination of NF, RO, IX, and EDI depending upon the recycle water purity standards.

The DuraSoft treatment process can be applied to a large variety of wastewater and water, including cooling tower blow-down, RO brine solution, flue gas desulfurization wastewater, acid mine drainage, hard ground water, or any industrial or municipal streams that contains high hardness (Ca & Mg) and silica concentration. The process can also be custom engineered to remove other contaminants such as alkalinity, fluoride, sulfate, and phosphorus simultaneously in a single-step treatment.

Detailed process flow diagram, system performance, and operation benefits of the DuraSoft process are outlined in the attached "DuraSoft Application Bulletin". Please feel free to contact us on how Durasoft can assist you in achieving your clients' water recycling goals.

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