Tubular Membrane Manufacturer Duraflow LLC Announces Receipt of ISO Certification

TEWKSBURY, MA, – March 13, 2017 – Duraflow announces the successful completion of its ISO 9001-2015 registration with the receipt of its certificate from DAAkkS.

According to Bill Matheson, Duraflow Managing Director, "Duraflow has maintained a high quality standard in its membrane operations for many years. Our tubular membrane products are used by many industrial sectors for recycling industrial wastewater by converting it back to its original form as clean water. This ISO 9001-2015 certification further demonstrates to our customers the dedication we have toward delivering a high value product that exceed their quality standards through operating our entire quality management system in an organized, controlled, and professional manner. Our customers have the added assurance that when they design and operate a Duraflow filtration system, it will perform the desired filtration task to produce the specified filtrate quality and deliver the product water flow rate as expected. This complies with our company's policy that all Duraflow systems must work 100% perfectly".

Duraflow tubular membranes are used to remove contaminants from industrial effluents generated from automotive, food & beverages, electronics, metal finishing, battery, steel, power, and mining industries. The Duraflow membrane is used as pretreatment prior to reverse osmosis or desalination systems which turn wastewater back into usable clean water in the factory.

Mr. Matheson added, "Our high-efficiency tubular membrane technology is designed to deliver up to 90% recovery of wastewater. The unique pre-treatment chemistry is custom designed for complete softening and removal of RO fouling components that may include heavy metals, organic matter, silica colloids, biological matter, surfactants, and more. Our customers can rely on this low-fouling membrane technology to solve their water shortage problem by maximizing reuse and recycle of large volumes of brine wastewater."

In action, the wastewater is pumped at a high velocity through the membrane modules connected in series with low inlet pressure of 60 psig. The turbulent flow, parallel to the membrane surface, produces a high-shear scrubbing action which minimizes deposition of solids on the membrane surface. During operation, clear filtrate permeates through the membrane, while the suspended solids retained in the re-circulation loop are periodically purged for further dewatering.

The Duraflow tubular membranes are capable of handling high solid concentrations. The membranes, made of PVDF, are cast on porous polymeric tubes to produce a nominal filtration pore size of 0.1 micron. The extraordinary chemical resistant property of PVDF allows the use of a wide range of chemicals - acids, bases and oxidizers for cleaning of the fouling substances. Complete details of our products are available here.

About Duraflow LLC
Duraflow continues to meet demands for worldwide expansion by establishing distribution and service networks at strategic locations across the globe. Global infrastructure and uncompromising commitment to engineering support, product quality and continuous improvement has earned Duraflow its reputation for supplying world-class membrane technology around the world. Headquarters is at 120 Lumber Lane, Bldg. 3, Tewksbury, MA 01876. Tel. 978-851-0447, FAX 978-851-7459. For more information please contact us.

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