Duraflow New Crossflow Tubular Membrane Filters Deliver 25-40% More Flow in Less Space; More Energy-Efficient, Improves Cost-Effectiveness

TEWKSBURY, MA, – April 20, 2016 – Duraflow, a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of high-quality tubular membrane filters, introduces new models featuring increased surface area.

According to Joe Lander, Duraflow Principal, "DF-424 (26% improvement); DF-414 (40% improvement); and DF-405 (25% improvement) membrane modules are ideal for filtration of high solid containing effluents, such as precipitation, softening, brine recovery and cooling tower blow-down recycling applications. The flow capacity of existing systems can be upgraded easily by direct membrane filter replacement with one of the new models resulting in less cost, reduced energy consumption and smaller floor space."

The Duraflow tubular membranes can be operated as a stand-alone system for stringent effluent compliance or in tandem with RO for water recycle/ZLD applications. The Duraflow tubular filter features high-flux (500-1000 GFD), 0.1 micron PVDF membrane with high TSS tolerance and chemical resistance.

Bill Matheson, Duraflow Managing Director, added, "For systems that have been running at or near capacity, changing to higher flow modules instantly delivers additional capacity. For example, a 180 GPM system can be upgraded to a 300 GPM system (40% increase) simply by replacing 10-tube modules with 14-tube modules without requiring any additional floor space. The conversion process can be done in stages as older modules wear out and require replacement."

"A unique advantage of the new Duraflow modules," Mr. Lander continued, "is the high structural strength of the tube material allowing for connection of more membrane modules in series. Therefore, the more modules run in series the less energy required per gallon of purified water produced. Energy consumption can be reduced by 30% compared to conventional design."

Mr. Matheson explained, "In these applications, size actually matters. The combination of longer trains and more tubes per train produces flows and efficiencies comparable to or better than modules made with smaller diameter tubes. Best of all, the capital cost per gallon of treated water actually lessens as the needed flow increases."

Duraflow membrane filtration (DMF) products are for water recycle and reuse, wastewater compliance treatment.

About Duraflow LLC
Duraflow continues to meet demands for worldwide expansion by establishing distribution and service networks at strategic locations across the globe. Global infrastructure and uncompromising commitment to engineering support, product quality and continuous improvement has earned Duraflow its reputation for supplying world-class membrane technology around the world. Headquarters is at 120 Lumber Lane, Bldg. 3, Tewksbury, MA 01876. Tel. 978-851-0447, FAX 978-851-7459. For more information please contact us.

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