Duraflow’s Tubular Membrane Application
Bulletin “Wastewater Recycling”

This bulletin describes the use of Duraflow Tubular Membranes for treating various sources of industrial wastewaters. The bulletin documents the challenges facing the industries that discharge large volumes of wastewater containing complex mixtures of various industrial contaminants and high concentrations of TDS. To recycle industrial water both the contamination and the TDS must be removed. The first concern is the removal of contamination that will foul the desalinization technology (usually reverse osmosis membranes). These contaminants (hardness, heavy metals, organics, silica, biological matter and detergents) are targeted to be treated and separated with the Duraflow Tubular Membrane product.

Since every industry that wishes to recycle its wastewater has different manufacturing processes, Duraflow has developed a standard procedure for approaching each customer location. This process uses water analysis, waste compatibility segregation, process development to meet the customer's objectives, membrane microfiltration total system engineering design and detailed recommendations optimizing the performance of the desalination equipment.

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