Waste Treatment Without Wasted Space

Even highly-specialized wastewater treatment designs can be compact. This was put to the test when Magnetic Inspection Laboratories Inc. (MIL) based in Elk Grove Village, IL expanded their space, and added new services to their mix.

The company, which began life as a non-destructive testing house, has added a wide range of metal finishing and plating services to their mix over the years, which increased their need for an efficient system to manage the wastewater. However, when they added Type IC anodizing and cadmium cyanide electroplating processes to their capabilities list, it became clear they needed a much more robust system.

After extensive testing of technologies from a wide range of vendors, the company ultimately decided that a system designed by Pottstown, PA-based J & T Technologies, with a Tubular Membrane system from Duraflow LLC, was exactly what they needed.

And the choice has paid off. The system — containing 48 Duraflow DF 415 Tubular Membrane modules — produces 40% more filtrate per square foot than any of the competitive membranes they tested, and MIL has found, in actual use, that the system is capable of outperforming its rated capacity by a significant margin. In fact, Corey Richardson, laboratory manager, noted "When the system is at its cleanest, we have flow as high as 215 gpm operating just one side (24 modules)." On a daily basis, the system consistently handles 160-180 gpm of wastewater.

To learn more about the MIL wastewater system, and how it has transformed their business, read the full article.

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