Chemical Pretreatment Expands Tubular
Membrane Applications

A Duraflow Tubular Membrane system, can filter out all particles larger than 0.1 microns — but what if a factory or manufacturing facility needs to filter out smaller particles? Or there are dissolved chemicals that then must be filtered out and then either disposed in the in the environment or put through a desalination purification with reverse osmosis prior to reuse. That is where Chemical Pretreatment is used.

At Duraflow, we will design a complete system that takes into account the specific compounds each facility must remove, and will create a system designed to filter those in the most efficient manner. We segregate the sources of the compounds based on the type of process required to remove them from the water to ensure all the targeted compounds are treated and removed completely.

While this process can be straightforward if there is a single source of water, when the compounds are coming from multiple sources, at varying times, it requires a system designed to homogenize, as well as filter, the water properly. An experienced wastewater engineer will be able to determine exactly what processes, chemicals and flow rates the system should have for achieving the filtered water quality that is desired.

Optimizing the pretreatment process is a huge part of determining the success of the entire system. Without this step, less water can be successfully filtered leading to more waste, higher costs and less efficiency.

To learn more about how Duraflow uses Chemical Pretreatment, in conjunction with Tubular Membrane filters, to remove particles, metals and other brine materials from water, read the full article.

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