Specific Treatment Process

specific treatment process
Heavy Metal
Achieving wastewater discharge compliance with tubular membranes (Bulletin) Learn More >
Hardness Removal (Softening)
Achieving wastewater softening with tubular membranes (Bulletin)
Learn More >
Sulfate Removal
Overcoming the challenges of recycling high sulfate containing waste waters with tubular membrane chemical softening (Article) Learn More >
RO Brine Recovery
RO Brine Recovery Process Demand is Growing (Article) Learn More >
ROBR process for RO Brine Recovery up to 95% with chemical softening (Bulletin) Learn More >
A review of the RO brine disposal options and recycling using tubular membrane as RO pre-treatment. A case study of applying this concept is presented for a combined-cycle power plant (Article) Learn More >
Side Stream Management
Industrial side stream recycling including RO brine, multimedia filter backwashes, UF backwashes, boiler blow down and cooling tower blowdown using chemical softening followed by tubular membrane microfiltration (Article) Learn More >
Process Water Purification
River water filtration results are presented (Bulletin) Learn More >

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